Life-Spot Station will charge up to eight mobile devices simultaneously

Many of us have mobile devices that need to be recharged all the time. The universal charging station Life-Spot, the project of which was launched on the online platform for collective fundraising Kickstarter, will allow charging several gadgets at once from one outlet without long tangled wires.

Project Life-Spot was presented by young guys Aaron and Judith from Brooklyn. They, like many modern users, were annoyed by the clutter created by power adapters for mobile devices. In order to solve this problem, they have developed a universal charging station that allows you to charge several iPhones, iPads or other mobile devices at the same time.

Life-Spot is a charging station that includes two 30-pin connectors for charging older Apple devices, two Lightning ports and four MicroUSB connectors. Thus, up to eight mobile devices can be charged from one outlet at the same time. There are "pockets" next to each pull-out cord that can be used to store a rechargeable smartphone or multimedia player if desired.

Now the project is at the stage of fundraising. To start mass production, developers had to collect 25 thousand dollars. Thanks to Kickstarter, they raised over $ 29K in just a month. The cost of the Life-Spot charging station, excluding shipping, is $ 65.