A bottle of H2O-Pal will save you from dehydration

Smart accessories are gradually entering our lives. Moreover, among them there are gadgets that are very useful for the user. These include the "smart" bottle H2O-Pal.

The American startup launched the H2O-Pal project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. It is a smart bottle made of borosilicate glass. The main purpose of a high-tech bottle is to save its user from dehydration. For this, the gadget is equipped with special overlays, which have a built-in memory chip, a weight measurement sensor and an accelerometer to control the user's water consumption.

H2O-Pal determines the amount of water drunk by the owner, and the time, and then transfers this data to the iPhone, where a special application analyzes the information received and gives the user recommendations. The smart bottle connects to the smartphone via the Bluetooth wireless interface. It is currently only compatible with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s / 5c.

In terms of its functionality, the H2O-Pal is similar to the BluFit Bottle, which we discussed earlier.

Now the project is at the stage of fundraising. In three weeks, Internet users raised $ 7, 000 of the $ 95, 000 needed to launch mass production. You can support developers and order H2O-Pal on the project page.