American woman fined for using Google Glass while driving

Many car enthusiasts will agree that there are many reasons for a fine - from unfastened seat belt to dirty license plates. For American drivers, another reason has recently been added: now they will be fined for using augmented reality glasses Google Glass while driving.

The first to be fined for using Google Glass while driving was a resident of the Californian city of Temecula named Cecilia Abadi. She was stopped by the California Highway Patrol for speeding, but she was also fined for wearing glasses.

As the American writes on her page on the social network Google+, the patrol who stopped her issued a fine. The report states that she exceeded the maximum permissible speed and used Google Glass glasses while driving, which distracted her from the road. However, Cecilia herself claims that the glasses were turned off at that moment.

It is worth noting that the laws in force in California are quite strict and the local police have the right to fine the driver for using mobile devices while driving. It looks like Google Glass also falls into this category.