Sony PlayStation 4 or what to expect

Everyone knows that the world is threatened with the release of the next generation console Sony PlayStation 4. And, of course, its release should be facilitated by the emergence of some kind of game that will mark Sony's victory in the console market. Now, as an advertisement, Sony has shown a trailer from Blacklight Retribution for PlayStation 4. But not everything is so simple.

And everything is not easy because the game, firstly, has already been released for PC and distributed through Steam, and secondly, looking at the video, it is not entirely clear how the game is fundamentally different from what it was before. The graphics, of course, are beautiful (show me an ugly modern game!), But where is the change for the better?

Game manufacturers all over the world, I think, are just waiting for the signal to start making games on a qualitatively new principle. And this signal is the output of new generation consoles. Because, sadly, the time of the PC as a flagship, which game makers were guided by, is long gone. Games will now look the same for several years until the console generation is updated and their ability to handle more beautiful graphics changes.

What can you do. In our universe, the process has followed this path and no one can change it. In the meantime, we can only watch the trailer from Blacklight Retribution and recall Heavy Rain with tears in our eyes.