Valve introduced a new game controller

Following the new gaming operating system SteamOS, the well-known American company Valve introduced a new type of controller. It is designed for games on the SteamOS platform.

Valve's game controller is a stark contrast to other joysticks on the market today. Instead of traditional sticks and D-Pad, the novelty for control provides two large rounded trackpads, physical function buttons and a small touch screen located in the middle.

To control the operation of the touchscreen, a special API has already been presented that allows you to use the display as a scrollable or radial menu, display current information, or program it as buttons to perform certain actions. In total, the controller has 16 buttons, two of which are located on the back.

In addition, the Steam controller features new precise tactile user feedback. It is provided by two linear resonant wires.

However, so far only a prototype of the Steam controller has been presented. Its final version will go on sale no earlier than next year, simultaneously with the launch of the SteamOS platform and Steam Machines gaming devices. Until the end of this year, 300 gamers registered in the Steam Universe program will be able to take part in testing new devices.