PrioVR virtual reality suit ready for production

Now many users and manufacturers are interested in augmented and virtual reality technologies. The market already offers several options for "glasses of the future", the Virtuix Omni treadmill and other accessories that open the way to the digital world. Another impressive gadget is coming soon, the virtual reality suit.

On the online fundraising platform Kickstarter, a project of an unusual virtual reality suit was launched. It was named PrioVR. The suit is being developed by YEI Technology.

PrioVR consists of an entire system of wireless sensors and sensors that attach to the user's head, arms and legs using strong elastic straps. They will track the user's movements during games and project them onto the virtual character in the game.

The developers have already managed to collect more than 53 thousand of the 225 thousand dollars needed to start mass production of the PrioVR. You can support the idea and pre-order a new costume on the project page. The suit in the Lite version with 11 sensors will cost the buyer $ 450, while the Pro kit with 17 sensors will cost $ 650.