A rare genetic disorder endowed a man with the "Eye of Sauron"

Recently, a new patient came to one of the hospitals in Texas (USA), who recently moved to this region and would just like to register. The 44-year-old man had no complaints, but he spoke about a family problem with glaucoma. He was sent to an ophthalmologist, and he, to his considerable surprise, saw an ominous picture in the devices - the patient's eye looked like a fabulous "Eye of Sauron".

Instead of a pupil framed by an iris, a huge gap in the man's eye was blackened, along the edges of which reddish pigment waves streamed. This is officially called Pigment Dispersion Syndrome and is considered an extremely rare genetic disorder. The patient himself had no idea about him, he only knew about his increased intraocular pressure. This is one of the signs of impending glaucoma and, mindful of the family ailment, the man took medication to reduce blood pressure. But that's all.

It turned out that due to mutation, the granules of the iris-forming pigment could not hold in place and exfoliate. They float in the watery fluid that washes the front of the eye and can block the drainage. This leads to an increase in pressure, which may have confused other doctors earlier, before most of the iris was destroyed.

The Texas doctors reportedly managed to clear the unusual patient's intraocular drainage and reduce the pressure. However, the process of destroying the remnants of pigments will not be stopped, therefore, as a result, the human eye will turn into a black spot with a crimson edging. And it is difficult to call it otherwise than the "Eye of Sauron".