This strange creature is one of the largest single-celled organisms on Earth.

These strange, egg-sized organisms can be found all over the world. Meet Valonia ventricose or pot-bellied valonia, also known as Bubble Seaweed and Sailor's Eye. It is one of the largest single-celled organisms in nature. The diameter of its single cell varies from 1 to 5.1 cm.

Although valonia is pot-bellied and consists of a single cell, it contains several cytoplasmic domains, each of which has its own nucleus and chloroplasts.

Such a structure entails an interesting property - if you try to crush the Valonia, it will not burst like a balloon full of organelles. In fact, it will most likely split into several organisms, since it only needs one nucleus to exist.

Valonia ventricose inhabits the Caribbean, Florida, south of Brazil and the Indo-Pacific region at depths of up to 80 meters. It can often be found in coral reefs.