The singing of the record-holder for sound volume among birds exceeds the human pain threshold

There are living creatures on the planet that use loud sound as a weapon, but a small bird called the "one-whined bell ringer" is not one of them. She sings at a loudness that is beyond the reach of a person just like that, for no reason. More precisely, scientists cannot understand the logic of such a loud cry when there is no physical need for it.

The previous record holder was considered a bird with the characteristic name "loud pikha", but the bell ringer is at least 9 dB louder than it. In a normal, calm state, males sing at a loudness of 116 dB, but as soon as they see a female, their excitement increases their volume to 125 dB. At the same time, the males clearly do not pursue the goal of shouting to the female at a distance, attracting her to him from the forest, since she can literally sit on the next branch.

A loudness of 125 dB for the human ear is already akin to torture; for us, even a noise of 90 dB is unpleasantly loud - it is the hum of a busy highway. The chainsaw roars at 110 dB, and 120 dB is comparable to the sound of a jet engine. Therefore, scientists are surprised how a bird weighing several hundred grams can make such loud sounds, and why do females tolerate this acoustic attack? Fortunately for humans, the one-whined bell ringer lives far in the Amazon jungle and his screams don't bother anyone.