Dangerous deposits of fat found in the lungs of overweight people

Alarming and at the same time encouraging news came from the University of Western Australia, where studies have shown the presence of fatty deposits where they have never been found before - in the human respiratory system. This confirms and expands the hypothesis that diseases such as asthma are associated with an overweight patient. There is a new, serious threat - but the discovery may also provide a key to the fight against the disease.

Australian researchers have carefully studied the lung tissue of 52 deceased people with varying degrees of obesity. And everywhere they found not only fat deposits in the airways, but also established a direct correlation between the degree of obesity and the thickness of fat on their walls. Because of this, the bronchi and alveoli elementarily narrow, causing shortness of breath and other breathing problems.

The link between asthma symptoms and excess weight has been noted before, but no one imagined that it was so direct. The thicker the person, the higher the load on the heart and lungs, and if at the same time they themselves are overloaded with fat, the organs are working to wear and tear. The accumulation of fat in the lungs aggravates the symptoms of asthma, if already present, and provokes the inflammatory processes that lead to its onset.

The positive moment of the discovery is that it is now obvious that fighting excess weight will help to cope with asthma. Doctors have a reasoned reason to prescribe treatment to patients that is aimed at losing weight, and not relieving the symptoms of asthma itself. However, the development of a specific therapy has yet to be developed - now scientists are looking for a way to measure the thickness of fat in the airways of living people and ways to control its accumulation there.