Seventh death by vaping in the USA: criminal investigation launched

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched an investigation into mass deaths from an unknown vaping-related disease. A criminal case has been officially opened, since just last week the number of cases increased by 50 people, plus the seventh US citizen has already died of the disease. The situation is becoming extremely dangerous, since the phenomenon, whatever it may be caused, does not show signs of decline.

The total number of confirmed cases of the strange disease has reached 530. The administration of President Trump is pressing the FDA, demanding that it ban the sale of all flavored supplements for vaping mixes - or better, everything related to them. At least until the investigation is complete.

The latest version that the cause of the disease was a derivative of vitamin E, "vitamin oil", has not been confirmed. The substance has been found in a number of cases, but as new diseases are fixed, the number of people who are guaranteed not to use it also grows. The version with the use of cannabis or processed THC products does not fit in either, at the moment there is no proven link between all cases of disease. And this makes it incredibly difficult for the police, who again do not know what to look for.

Events in the US have influenced the vaping industry in other countries as well. For example, Chinese retailers have stopped selling Juul brand products. And in India, everything related to electronic cigarettes has been banned altogether - consumption, sale, advertising.