The invasion of grasshoppers in Las Vegas can be seen even from space

In indomitable Las Vegas, there is a forced lull - local residents and guests of the city are in no hurry to take to the streets. There, amidst the many advertising lights, swarm the billions of grasshoppers who arrived here last week. And although experts say that these insects are harmless to people who want to walk through a "snowstorm of grasshoppers" are few.

Insects are not just many, but extremely numerous, which is why their clusters begin to reflect radio beams and confuse meteorological radars. The military also has problems at nearby air bases, but the flights have not been canceled yet. Rumor has it that in good weather, astronauts on the ISS even see dark spots of living creatures swarming over the city. And this will last at least another week.

The reason for the invasion of grasshoppers is well known - rains. In 2019, the deserts of Nevada received an unexpectedly high rainfall, which increased overall moisture and created ideal conditions for the pale-winged grasshoppers (Trimerotropis pallidipennis). They are usually scattered throughout the desert parts of the United States, but the abundance of moisture has caused insects to congregate in the lowlands of Las Vegas.

A similar phenomenon has been recorded 4 or 5 times over the past half century, says Jeff Knight, a state entomologist with the Nevada Department of Agriculture. And for scientists, the invasion of grasshoppers did not come as a surprise - they predicted it in advance based on an analysis of weather conditions. Another thing is that there is not much sense from this information - it is unrealistic to stop the hordes of insects, the only thing that remains is to warn all the services. But they have already learned from personal experience, because in recent years, ladybugs, butterflies, or flying ants have been flying through Las Vegas with amazing persistence, and they are used to interference on radars.