Unusual 12,000-year-old skulls found in China

Chinese scientists have completed their study of the remains of the Houtaomuga people found in Jilin. They determined that the youngest skeleton in the tomb was only 5, 000 years old. And he, like 11 other deceased, has a pronounced deformation of the skull, which makes them look like aliens from science fiction films.

The find is interesting in that it changes the views of scientists on the entire culture of skull deformation. This phenomenon was widespread in the ancient world, although it had a small scale - only select children were subjected to execution. However, it was previously believed that such rituals were characteristic of the ancestors of modern people, and ceased long before the appearance of the first stable civilizations. In particular, the deformed skulls from Australia are 13, 000 years old.

In the tomb of the houtaamuga, scientists have discovered remains with a huge difference in age, from 12, 000 to 5, 000 years. It turns out that this nationality or the total mass of people who lived on these lands have been engaged in such a practice for as much as 7000 years. The tomb contained elongated skulls of both children and adults, and some of these people were buried together. On the other hand, there were clearly family burials of people with ordinary skulls. This confirms the theory of the selective conduct of the ceremony, but what were the criteria for selecting a candidate, scientists are still discussing.

The most interesting, perhaps, in the evidence of the painlessness of the procedure, which was indirectly obtained by Chinese scientists. Based on the analysis of the remains of adults, they concluded that the deformity of the skull in infancy had no consequences for their health and cognitive functions. That is, such children developed and subsequently created full-fledged families, actively participated in the life of the tribe. And this only adds to the intrigue: why, then, did the ancient people stretch out the heads of their children? Why was this done?