Frontier will pay you $ 1000 for a week with a clamshell phone

Frontier Communications has launched an unusual competition as part of an advertising and social experiment. Its winner will receive a $ 1, 000 award for voluntarily giving up using his smartphone for a whole week. In return, he will receive at the same time a mobile phone from the last century - an old but serviceable clamshell device.

The idea of ​​the study is to measure and evaluate - how difficult is it to live in the modern world without a universal communicator and habitual access to basic services? The old phone also has Internet access, but you can't run many applications on it, and for some people the settings menu itself will become an unusual labyrinth.

According to the conditions of the experiment, the "lucky one" will need to time and rate the convenience and efficiency of all typical procedures. Such as working with e-mail, ordering and paying for services, searching for information. In parallel, the rhythm of the working day, the quality of sleep and the general psychological state of the subject will be documented.

As compensation, the participant will be allowed to use a laptop or stationary computer with a modern set of programs. He will also be given an authentic paper phone book, a notebook, a writing pen and several CDs for listening to music.