Australia will plant one billion trees to save the planet

The Australian government is committed to planting one billion trees as part of its climate change program. The project is designed for 30 years - until 2050. If implemented, it will reduce the annual emissions of greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere by 18 billion tons.

This news is confirmed by research from the University of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Zurich (ETH Zurich): a campaign to plant trees of this magnitude could radically change the ecological situation on the planet. Trees are "our most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change, " according to researcher Thomas Crowter.

A billion trees is certainly an impressive number, but significantly less than what is needed - a trillion trees, which, according to the calculations of Crowther and his colleagues, are necessary for the full health of the Earth. However, this is a good start, and if Australia's initiative is supported by other countries, it will make it possible to reverse the difficult environmental situation that is taking shape on the planet now.