New medical app calculates risk of kidney stones

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic (USA) have developed a tool to predict the occurrence of kidney stones based on indirect factors. It is a calculator application that analyzes the key criteria in a person's life and calculates on their basis the likelihood of an illness. Including re-formation of stones after treatment, when many people tend to relax and ignore alarming symptoms.

The calculations are based on the Recurrence Of Kidney Stone model developed in 2014. Initially, it could only predict the likelihood of re-emergence of stones, but over the past time it has been improved. And now, with the right combination of factors, this model can predict kidney stones even before any unpleasant symptoms occur in the body.

When testing the application, it was tested on 3, 000 patients at the Mayo Clinic, including chronically ill patients - one unfortunate person had stones formed eight times in a row! The sample turned out to be large enough to calibrate the calculation methodology. And to deduce the key risk factors, including: being overweight, age, pregnancy and being male.

In order for suspicious people not to engage in self-diagnostics and not create problems for themselves, the accuracy of the application's forecasts is deliberately reduced and does not reach the critical level. On a scale from 0 to 1, it is 0.681 - more than the symbolic probability of 50%, but less than 0.7, which requires compulsory hospitalization and diagnostics. Therefore, the alarming indications of the application are primarily a reason to think about changing lifestyle and getting rid of negative factors, and not the need to urgently consult a doctor.

The app is available for iOS and Android.