The Flat Earth Society organizes a sea cruise to the edge of the world

If the views of fans of the idea of ​​the flat shape of the Earth are not alien to you, then you can make an exciting journey with them, where many secrets of our planet will be revealed. It is scheduled for 2020 and is quite an official event announced at the International Flat Earth Conference. The swimming route is questionable, but it is logical to assume that it will stretch towards the edge of the earth's disk.

The organizers assure that the participants of the cruise have no risk of falling off the edge of the disc. For those who are ignorant of alternative geography, the perimeter of the flat Earth is framed by a ring of ice mountains, which in this world are known as "Antarctica". No wonder it is so huge, unapproachable and always gets in the way of those who move from the center of the world to its edge. And people, even in the enlightened and high-tech XXI century, have not learned to overcome this natural barrier, they could only walk along its edge.

The most interesting thing about this news is that flat-earthers can indeed succeed. Because they will have to sail on a modern ship, on nautical charts for a spherical Earth, relying on the GPS navigation system, also created for the "wrong" round planet. Naturally, convinced flat-earthers will reject these tools, and therefore where they will pave the way in reality and what lands they will eventually find - no one knows. That is, the intrigue of traveling to the end of the world remains!