Scientists have developed a strategy for survival in the "Game of Thrones"

Reidar Listad of the Australian Institute for Health Innovation and his colleague Benjamin Brown conducted a research study on Game of Thrones. They set out to study all aspects of the death of the characters in the saga in order to learn how to predict them. So, the probability of the death of a new hero in the first hour after appearing in the frame exceeds 14%.

According to the results of the study, it turned out that by the end of the seventh season, out of 330 of any significant characters, 186 had died. Most of them were violent and extremely cruel deaths, which in many cases could have been avoided. For example, choosing the shame of defeat and humiliation, voluntary isolation or betrayal. It is the exaggerated moral flexibility of the main characters, like Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lanister, that helps them, over and over again, to take the wrong side, which is destined to lose and die.

Survival curve of key Game of Thrones characters stratified by gender (left) and social status (right)

Noble descent, female gender, and luck are key factors in survival in the world of Westeros. On the contrary, by the will of the creators of the series, almost all men in power deny the idea of ​​a lasting union, equal rights and forgiveness of opponents. The endless feud around the Iron Throne generates violence and the demand for those who can create it more effectively than others. And this skill has to be constantly proven, so for a male warrior, there is simply no survival strategy in Westeros.

Although the world of "Game of Thrones" is fictional, it is based on medieval European society during the wars of the Scarlet and White Rose, that is, the beginning of the Renaissance. The world already has the concepts of infrastructure, civil service, law, general education, medicine, social institutions and investments in large public projects. But some rulers do not have enough intelligence to realize their value, while others lack the time to carry out reforms. If this succeeded, the need to achieve goals by military means would be minimized, and the chances of surviving in Westeros would increase many times over for all categories of people.

Survival curve of key Game of Thrones characters, stratified by whether the hero changed sides in the conflict (left) and how vividly he is represented in the film adaptation (right)