Hurricane Michael washed ashore the wrecks of ships that sank at the end of the 19th century

Hurricane Michael, which recently struck the northwest coast of Florida, according to scientists, became the most destructive in the history of the state. However, as they say, there is a silver lining. According to the press secretary of the Florida State Department Sarah Revell, the raging element made an unexpected gift to local historians, throwing ashore the wreckage of two ships that crashed in the late 19th century.

As it turned out, they became victims of the hurricane "Carabell", which raged here in the distant 1899. Then, according to documents from the Historical Society of Florida, "57 ships were sunk, and the small communities of Lanark, St. Teresa and McIntyre suffered significant damage."

The most famous ship from the list of the dead was the HMS Fox, which took part in the War of Independence in 1775-1783. Several unsuccessful attempts have already been made to find this legendary ship. Scientists believe that the wreckage of one of the discovered ships may belong to HMS Fox, although there is no 100% proof of this yet.

Photo from the Florida State Archives