The interbrain network allows three people to directly exchange mental signals

A system of direct communication between brains implies the exchange of simple signals that have no information background until they begin to be interpreted from the outside in some way. This is not telepathy or the exchange of thoughts, there are no mental images behind the signals and they do not encode anything by themselves. They are simple pulses that are processed using a combination of electroencephalograms and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

The benefits of this type of communication directly depend on the external interpretation of signals, and as an example of how the system works, its developers made a kind of game of Tetris between three participants. The first operator does not see the playing field, but can make a decision about the rotation of the falling figures and their displacement to the right and left. The second operator sees the playing field and can decide whether to turn the falling block, the third operator also sees the field and is responsible for the horizontal displacement.

The second and third operators each have a pair of LED signals - when they decide to take action, they focus on a specific LED. For example, the right lamp is responsible for moving the block to the right or turning it clockwise, and the number of its blinks - how many times it needs to be done. And then the third operator, focusing on the signals from two sets of LEDs, makes a decision and moves the block across the playing field.

The authors of the technology emphasize that the very fact of the possibility of expanding direct brain-brain communication has been proven and worked out. The technology is easily scalable to almost infinity, but it is important that operators adhere to the rules and that there is no confusion. And then it does not matter who is involved in the common cause - the operators can be at any distance from each other, do not know foreign languages ​​or be unable to maintain a conversation. Anyway, you can establish a connection between them and use it for practical purposes.