Google's Fabricius software lets you write messages in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

Google Arts & Culture has released a tool that lets you pester your friends in a whole new way. It is Fabricius' machine learning system that is capable of translating modern words into ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was created for linguistic scientists, but it is also quite suitable for entertainment in their free time.

In hieroglyphic writing, each icon can be an ideogram, that is, it can represent some idea or concept, or a phonogram, that is, it can represent a specific sound. The lines of hieroglyphs can be read both from left to right and from right to left. It is quite simple to determine this - the characters of the text will always be directed in the direction opposite to the one in which it should be read. Also in hieroglyphic writing there are no spaces between words, paragraphs and punctuation marks.

An example of hieroglyphic writing - the phrase "Build me a fortress"

And one more - "I love cats"

At the core of Fabricius is Google Cloud Auto ML, a commercial machine learning software suite. It uses a six-step process through which anyone can learn how to write phrases in Ancient Egyptian. There are about 1000 different hieroglyphs in the dictionary of the program. If you wish, you can go directly to the final stage (to do this, click Play on the Fabricius website), where the system will help you translate any phrases into hieroglyphs.