Tinder users will receive a panic button to contact the police

Tinder is going to provide its mobile app with a panic button to call the police in case the appointment suddenly seems dangerous to the user.

This is a joint project of Tinder with Noonlight, a platform and mobile application at the same time providing requests to emergency services. Testing will begin at the end of January.

When the panic button is pressed from Tinder, the user will receive a message asking him to enter a special code. If there is no response, Noonlight dispatches a text message to the user. If this message remains unanswered, the dispatcher will make a call. If the user does not answer this time, or confirms that he really needs help, the dispatcher will call the police. For this feature to work, you must agree to submit geodata to Noonlight. The company guarantees that any data received will not be used for advertising purposes, moreover, it will not transfer it even to Match itself (the company that owns Tinder).