Focos 2.0 app allows you to change the depth of field in any shot

The new version of the Focos 2.0 application for iOS has received support for artificial intelligence for image processing. With it, it can now create sophisticated effects even on simple photographs taken with single-lens cameras. In particular, Focos 2.0 allows you to control the depth of field in pictures for which there is no corresponding data. AI uses machine learning and can map depth for any image.

Focos has always been one step ahead of Apple's programmers, bringing camera features to iPhones that were only officially coming to iOS with the next major update. The new version, in fact, does not add new effects to the functionality. The user can take a static picture and change the depth of field, focus points, add virtual light sources, various effects, etc.

The difference is that previously all of these options were only available when using a smartphone with a dual camera, such as the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X or XS. That is, hardware support for this feature was required, which appeared only with the release of iOS 11. Now all the main work is done "in digital", due to the power of the intellectual core Apple CoreML. And this allows you to implement complex effects even when using old models like the iPhone 5S. In fact, all you need is a 64-bit A7 or higher processor.

The AI ​​in Focos 2.0 isn't perfect - it skips some details, leaves clutter, etc. To create a high-quality deepfake with its help (fortunately) will not work. However, this is an excellent example of the use of intelligent technologies, which allows you to breathe new life into the supposedly outdated hardware configurations by modern standards. The developers promise to release a similar version of the video editing app by the end of the year.