Cubic Motion technology allows you to instantly create a virtual copy of a person

Cubic Motion gave a spectacular presentation of its own version of motion capture technology. It creates a complete digital copy of the user's appearance, which can then be manipulated in real time. At the presentation, the CGI character first made a speech, and then suddenly began talking to people in the hall, reacting to their remarks.

In fact, the actor did it in another room, but the speed of digitizing his facial expressions and drawing details on the monitor in front of the audience created the illusion that a real computer character was communicating with them. And this is the main advantage of the new technology - everything is automated here, while in similar Hollywood systems, the picture is constantly edited manually.

The quality of the digital character is amazing

The easiest way to use the novelty is to digitize yourself and add yourself as an avatar to a computer game. Fortunately, detailing allows you to honestly display any features of the appearance of a living person. But the creation of deepfakes cannot be ruled out - and so visually authentic that it will create a lot of problems for those who want to compromise.