Traffix game invites you to solve the urgent problem of traffic jams in the metropolis

As in real life, city-building games over time are faced with a pressing problem: traffic jams. Someone blames everything on the AI ​​that controls the virtual machines, others are trying to design a fundamentally new type of interchange, and still others complain about the lack of normal traffic control. Traffix is ​​dedicated to solving this problem.

It all starts with an intersection with a traffic light and a line of waiting cars. It is necessary to switch signals so that all vehicles can pass through the intersection as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are no rules - you control the traffic light at your discretion. But there are many penalty options: for a congestion of cars, for accidents, for the delay of certain types of transport, etc.

The game compares favorably with the increasing complexity and sophistication of the levels, while the gameplay remains almost unchanged. Having learned to cope with one problem situation, you cannot blindly apply this method everywhere, you need to constantly analyze the situation and look for clues. New levels are always replete with surprises and you will have to completely immerse yourself in the game, otherwise you will not see victory. Try to try on the role of artificial intelligence - perhaps you will be able to solve the problem of traffic jams, which are rightly called the scourge of megacities.