IKEA launches furniture sale via mobile app

Previous IKEA mobile apps were intended solely to complement retail, but did not replace it. However, according to CIO Barbara Martin Coppola, soon "this may change."

The furniture giant is preparing a mobile application that makes it possible not only to make purchases remotely, but also simultaneously simulate the location of the purchased furniture in your apartment. In other words, using augmented reality technology, the buyer, taking into account the layout and size of his home, will be able to choose the optimal setting for him.

Thus, IKEA is changing its strategy, gradually moving from trading in giant stores on the outskirts of cities to online. Thanks to the application, shoppers will have access to a more complete product catalog and the ability to create shopping lists.

The app is expected to launch first in France and the Netherlands at the end of the year. It will further expand to other major markets, including the United States, Germany and China.