New Huawei app will allow blind people to hear the emotions of the interlocutor

For many people who like to have a heart-to-heart conversation, a telephone conversation plays out over a video chat conversation. Because in the latter one can see the emotions of the interlocutor, his reaction not only to the essence of the words spoken, but also to behavior in general. Alas, this is not available to blind users - that's why Huawei has developed the Facing Emotions app, which will help such people recognize the emotions of the interlocutor.

The application was created under the patronage of the Polish Association of the Blind and adapted for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone. Here, artificial intelligence is used for a face scanner, which on the fly recognizes a person's facial expressions and can calculate his psycho-emotional state. It works easier than it sounds: smartphone cameras scan the interlocutor's face, detect lips, nose, eyes and eyebrows, and then calculate deviations in their shape from the norm and position relative to each other. This is enough to reveal the current mood of a person using a template.

In total, the application recognizes seven types of key emotions and transitions between them. For scoring the states, short sound markers are used, developed by the blind composer Tomasz Bilecki. All test participants noted that the difference between emotions is easy to read, even if the signal is sent not through sound, but through a tactile sensor on the hand. This app is completely standalone and does not require an internet connection to work.

Interestingly, Huawei is not the only company that has made strides in this area. Recently it became known that Samsung Corporation, together with the German Fraunhofer Institute, have developed a similar hardware and software tool that serves to read people's emotions.