Every inch of Titanic can now be explored in virtual reality

Vintage Digital Revival has released a demo of their new virtual reality project, Titanic: Honor & Glory. It is dedicated to the legendary, first and last cruise of the infamous liner. The VR game is incredibly meticulous in detail - in fact, the designers have completely recreated the Titanic in digital format.

The game is conceived not so much for entertainment as for educational purposes - to show a new generation of people the tragedy of "Titanic", to tell about its significance in history. 20 years ago, director James Cameron did something similar with cutting-edge computer graphics for cinematography. Now is the time to take the next step and bring the story of "Titanic" to the virtual space - the authors of the game hope that it will be used as an official educational tool.

The plot of the game is built in such a way that the player has visited as many spaces of the ship as possible, studied its features and met the people on board. The figure recreates the images of 200 different passengers out of 2, 200, including historical characters such as Captain Smith or Nurse Violet Jessop. It is impossible to prevent a catastrophe, but you can figure out why it happened. In addition, the main character - the detective - has his own task.

“Virtual reality is the best way to immerse yourself in something with your head, to be transported to another place. And "Titanic" will remain an ideal platform for creative experiments, "the developers argue. The ship set off brand new, filled with the most advanced and significant technologies, objects and elements of culture at that time. But at the same time it had its flaws, sometimes fatal, which turns a voyage on a virtual liner from a sightseeing tour into an action-packed detective story.