Niantic relaunches the famous Ingress game

Before the Pokemon GO fever swept the world, there was a different leader in the field of augmented reality games - Ingress. This game did not differ in the same massiveness and popularity due to the specific gameplay, but since then the developers have carried out large-scale work on the bugs. In fact, Niantic has released Ingress Prime, a rebuilt game that promises to be more intuitive and user-friendly for casual gamers.

The main change, from the point of view of old-school players, is that now everything in the application interface is laconic, emasculated and replete with arrow-tips. The player is methodically explained the essence of the portals, the technologies for hacking them, methods of dealing with the enemy, the goals and strategies of the game. Previously, the participants had to reach everything with their own minds, but now the product has become more massive and easier to learn, which should become the hallmark of the new game.

The essence of Ingress Prime has remained the same - gamers wander around the real world, controlling their movements on the smartphone screen and wearing headphones to find portals in the virtual world and hear commands and important signals in time. The more portals captured, the wider the player's zone of influence, the more victory points, resources, etc., so it makes sense to work together, unite in factions and attack enemies. It will be a little easier for those who succeeded in this in the old version of the game, because their profiles with all the accumulated resources will be automatically transferred to Ingress Prime. But those who start from scratch will receive unique bonuses.

In addition to releasing the game itself, the developer plans to launch several series that would reveal the peculiarities of the Ingress Prime world in weekly episodes. So that the players have a more sense of belonging to something meaningful and less boredom. Niantic reports that over 20 million copies of the game have already been downloaded worldwide for Android and iOS.