A virtual climbing wall will help you defeat your fear of heights

At the Digility AR / VR exhibition in Cologne, Germany, a virtual reality training complex was presented, created to overcome the fear of heights. It is a joint project between the University of Applied Science Düsseldorf and InnovationsHub. It is a combination of a real climbing stand, a virtual reality helmet and motion sensors.

It is based on the HTC Vive camera technology, but the hand gloves are a special prototype developed by university engineers in order to more accurately track finger movements and grip when moving along the wall. In addition to a helmet and gloves, the player also wears sensors on the legs, back of the wrist and on the harness. All this is necessary in order to see not only the environment in virtual reality, but also your body, to control its movement.

In the virtual world, you can draw any terrain, from the wall of a fantasy castle to the photorealistic rocks of our own planet - but with the amendment that the terrain does not allow using it for movement. You will have to move along virtual points that correspond to the hooks on the wall in reality. In this case, the player can always turn his head and look around from a height in order to get used to new sensations.

In the future, it will be possible to combine this virtual system with real mountaineering vertical treadmills, and then everyone will have a chance to climb any summit with their own hands and feet.