The Grasshopper app teaches JavaScript programming with mini-games

If the world of the 19th century needed hard-working peasants, the 20th century needed professional workers, then the 21st century needed programmers. According to statistics, today 70% of representatives of this profession use JavaScript in their work, so neophytes are recommended to start mastering programming with it. Google-incubator Area 120 has released the Grasshopper application for this purpose.

The idea is simple and time-tested, the user is taught to think like a programmer, offering to play mini-games and solve quests and puzzles. All of them are short, focused on one lesson, so you can study for at least 10 minutes a day, even for hours on end. The more the user has mastered, the more difficult the next task is before him, and all of them are aimed at the intuitive development of algorithms for solving problems.

In each lesson, the program explains the peculiarities of using new commands and tools, and then generates several tasks for their use. For example, the goal is to draw the flag of France, an image with three equal fields of different colors. You are shown the final result and an editor is launched in which you need to manipulate blocks of code to achieve your goals.

If the initial lessons are identical to those presented in tutorials and other textbooks, then further development of complex systems, animation and the D3 library follows. The user's progress is recorded, the player receives a rating and achievements to stimulate learning. In the future, the number of lessons and their complexity will increase, but they will all be devoted to JavaScript.