A scandal erupts on the Internet around children's games about plastic surgery

Users of the Change.org portal have collected more than 100, 000 signatures under a petition to completely ban children's games for mobile devices, which exploit the topic of plastic surgery and appearance correction. The reason for the "people's anger" was the new game "Princess Plastic Surgery", which begins with the words "The witch has bewitched the princess, and your task is to cut off the excess and save her."

Similar cases have happened before, for example, in 2013, under pressure from the public, the games "Plastic Surgery" and "Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office" were removed from iTunes. Not because it presented a realistic illustration of medical operations. And not because children shouldn't know what liposuction or rhinoplasty is. The stumbling block was the motivational slogans of the games.

In the story about a princess and a witch, the user is asked to create the appearance of a "beautiful" princess, but what is the criterion of beauty? In a game about a plastic surgery clinic, the girl is described as “hopelessly fat” that nothing will help her except cutting and pumping out the fat. This line of thought irritates the advocates of justice, because it voices an unpleasant point of view: some people have and will have shortcomings.

It comes to the point that the reason for criticism is sought in fitness applications, where problems with physiology are too clearly emphasized. And, therefore, they can offend people who live with it. The takeaway is simple: prohibit such content. But what about the applications from the plastic surgeons themselves, who want to show patients aspects of their work? They directly call shortcomings shortcomings and show how to get rid of them - well, the final decision is made by the person himself, right?