Artificial intelligence for training astronauts will solve crimes

This year, 2018, another astronaut Alexander Gerst will go to the ISS, one of whose duties will be testing an intelligent assistant bot in real work in space. The system grew out of an AI prototype that the European Space Agency began building 15 years ago. And now the police want to use his best practices on instant deduction.

Initially, AI was a simple expert system that provided answers to the questions “What is it?”, “Where is it?”, “How does it work?”, Thereby simplifying the training of future astronauts on the ISS and its systems. But over the past time, the system has evolved to a full-fledged intelligent assistant that can very quickly analyze colossal amounts of data. To give answers to all the same questions, but now in any situation.

Supporters of total optimization work in the Belgian police - they decided to entrust this AI with the routine work of processing arrays of statistical data. Watch thousands of hours of video from surveillance cameras in search of the right person, read millions of comments on social networks for the sake of the cherished phrase. The highlight is that the AI ​​itself can adjust the search algorithm according to the task at hand - in fact, this is not just a search of data, but a real detective business.

So far, the developer, Space Applications Service, has just begun adapting this AI to work with police services and databases. But in the future, it will be possible to replace the work of an entire detective department at the push of a button - in theory.