US Libraries Preserve Old Video Games for Future Generations

It is the job of American libraries and museums to preserve obsolete video games. The US library system is even considering the idea of ​​preserving multiplayer role-playing games (MMOs).

The US Copyright Office has announced that it is recommending the extension of the DMCA Exemption Act, thus granting museums and libraries the right to continue to keep legacy “non-working” games that are no longer supported by the developers. ... Moreover, now it is even possible to hack consoles, if necessary to use these games. The "Emancipation Act" has been in effect for 2 years and can be renewed every 3 years.

USCO executives said that after reviewing the received public appeals, they did not encounter any noticeable opposition from opponents. According to its representatives, many workers in the archives insisted on the extension of the "Emancipation Law". In addition, in response to growing demand, USCO is seeking opportunities to increase digital entertainment in museums.

If, however, a situation arises where the Electronic Software Association blocks the game for privacy reasons, it will be allowed to resume when requested, and children can continue to play their old favorite games.