Orwell's Animal Farm Will Become a New Type of Computer Game

A diverse team of veterans of the game industry enlisted the support of the heirs of George Orwell in an effort to create a new game genre, based on the landmark work Animal Farm. These people worked on hits like I Am Bread, Fable, The Witcher 3, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and the new project will be implemented at the intersection of well-known genres. Lead developer, Imre Gel, says he dreamed of such a game for decades.

The game will be a mixture of strategy and city-planning simulator, in which there will be a whole story behind every decision and action of the game characters or the player himself. It is necessary not only to manage the farm, solve daily tasks, but also to reveal or change the fate of the main characters, as well as to get to the bottom of the sources of some events and reveal important secrets of the world order of the Animal Farm.

You will have to play as one of the animals on the farm, which is in a pre-revolutionary state. There is no place for personal heroism or skill development - game mechanics are based on the implementation of collective processes of striving for a better life, in conditions when the base, corrupt nature of power manifests itself here and there. Will the desires of freedom, brotherhood, and equality be discredited by the unworthy actions of powerful members of the community? It depends on you.

Like the original work, the game is positioned as a poignant socio-political work. Too many prerequisites for the implementation of the authoritarian ideas described by Orwell at the beginning of the XXI century, but too few ordinary gamers and users realize this. Isn't it time to challenge the grim future, albeit with the help of a computer game, the developers say?