Mobile apps can help you overcome your fear of public speaking

How to overcome your fear of speaking in front of an audience? For some people, this is a serious problem. Only practice will help to overcome the fear of public speaking. And for starters, you can do without a live audience. After all, you can use smartphone apps.


One such application is Ummo. To start training, you need to prepare a speech in advance, press the "Microphone" icon, wait until the countdown is running, after which you can start speaking.

Upon completion, Ummo will conduct a "debriefing" - assess the nature of speech, count the number of words, pauses, the use of words-parasites. The entire transcript of the speech will appear on the screen. If the user wishes, each word-parasite will be sounded with a special signal, after which the application will offer options for their replacement.

Ummo provides data on the number of words and how often they were used. The user will be able to assess the rhythm of his speech, that is, how many words he utters per minute, "volume level" and the sequence of what was said. All information will be shown in a convenient and understandable format in the form of graphs. The main idea of ​​Ummo is to help identify the main mistakes of the speech and then fix them. So far, the app is only available for iOS at a cost of $ 2.

Public Speaking

Another application called Public Speaking is designed to deal not with poor speech quality, but with the psychological factors accompanying public speaking - for example, excessive attention to your person.

Public Speaking - puts you in virtual reality. Surrounding 3D video will recreate the atmosphere of a public speaking, for example, as if you are standing on a stage and giving a presentation to a live audience.

The main idea of ​​the application is to train the presenter to feel heightened attention and thus prepare them for real-life performances.