FaceDirector will allow you to correct the expressions of actors' faces even after shooting

Many audio engineers are familiar with the Pro Tools program, which allows you to correct the intonation of a voice after recording. Soon it will be possible for actors' facial expressions on video, thanks to the new FaceDirector app.

The program was developed jointly by Disney Research Zurich and the University of Surrey. First of all: the application does not create a facial expression from scratch. "Facial" computer manipulations are based on the morphing of previously captured fragments. So, for example, the director of the film will be able to correct the emotions of the actor or watch two different options: when the face expresses anger, and when it is just angry. The application allows you to "mix" several different options.

In this case, the program uses a system of reference points of the face and technology of an optical flow, which involves the imposition of one image on another, as a result of which new frames are created.