YouTube is testing the ability to buy products directly from watched videos

YouTube has approached some of its own channel owners to tag the products they present in their videos. Thus, the video hosting intends to link them with the trading and analytics tools offered by Google.

The ultimate goal of the project, according to Bloomberg, is to turn YouTube into a one-stop online marketplace where you can watch videos and buy almost anything you can see there. Simultaneously, YouTube is testing its integration with the Shopify e-commerce platform. Channel owners will have full control over what products are shown in their videos, according to a video hosting spokesperson.

Moving into e-commerce will radically empower YouTube. According to the CEO of Alphabet holding (which includes the owner of YouTube - Google) Sundar Pichai, the company may eventually turn video showing unboxing of goods into a tool for buying them, which will allow YouTube to increase revenues, which amounted to more than $ 15 billion last year. ...