Photo of several bulbs turned out to be "too sexy" for Facebook

The American Gaze Seed Company found itself at the center of a curiosity when Facebook's automatic content filtering system mistook the image of the onion for something too vulgar. The manager of the company Jackson McLean told reporters that he had received a warning from the social network the other day. It said that the uploaded image of several bulbs was "overly sexy" and was therefore blocked by the system.

Gaze Seed Company sells onions and their seeds, and has nothing to do with adult content. A seed sale of an interesting new variety of onions, "walla walla", is planned for the spring, so the company has ordered and paid for advertising on Facebook in advance. For the image, selected bulbs were taken with an almost perfect rounded shape. And although at first glance it is clear that the picture is just vegetables, the machine algorithm judged differently.

McLean said that he does not hold evil on Facebook and, in general, considers what happened to be a great joke. Provided that the image is studied by a living person and cancels the decision of the automatic censor. Because you need to have a very developed imagination to see the sexual connotation in an ordinary bow. Or you will have to admit that the algorithms for analyzing images on Facebook require serious improvement.

Jackson McLean with the same photo of Walla Walla bulbs