Fasten your seat belts for a 6-hour flight to Iceland in air passenger simulator

Last week, the game that fans have been waiting for for many years was released - the most detailed flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The game uses a real model of the globe and exact copies of various aircraft. MSFS 2020 tries to reliably adhere to the details of real flights - for example, a small flight in the game world can take a couple of hours, and a full transoceanic flight will take most of the day.

Of course, it is nice to feel like the captain of an air cruiser, but what is it like for those who fly on board? Self-Play Airplane Mode invites you to fly, not in the cockpit of an airliner ... but in a seat in its economy class. All the way, the game will entertain you with all the delights of a long flight: baby crying, bad Wi-Fi, airplane food and all kinds of flight delays. The flight will take 6 (six) hours on the route New York - Reykjavik (Iceland). For those who are not yet ready for such a test, the game offers the second option - a flight from New York to Halifax (Canada). This adventure takes only 2.5 hours, including the taxi ride to the airport, takeoff and landing.

In flight, the player-passenger (as in a real flight) will have to entertain himself on his own. At his service, you can choose from: rummaging in your handbag from your carry-on luggage, looking at landscapes outside the window and watching films of the 1930s on the on-board media system. He can also ask for a magazine with different articles, crosswords and sudoku.

Airplane Mode will officially launch this fall on PC and Mac, the price of the game is still unknown.