Instead of boring Zoom conferences, people hold meetings in Red Dead Redemption 2

Amid the pandemic quarantine, a huge number of people continue to work from home and use video communication tools like Zoom to communicate. However, writer and artist Vivienne Schwartz and her colleagues decided to spice up this now routine practice and began to hold their meetings inside video games.

Their choice fell on Rockstar's biggest hit in recent years - the open world of the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2. As Schwartz says: “We had to constantly hold meetings on Zoom and Skype, answer emails and phone calls. We were terribly tired of this, we felt more and more irritated. "

It's no longer a secret that boring hangouts have spawned their own internet phenomenon - Zoom Exhaustion. It manifests itself in the accumulation of fatigue and irritation from frequent and unproductive video conferencing. Schwartz and her team found a way around this problem by taking on different online games for their meetings. Minecraft was their first choice, but it did not fit the task. People started wandering around the world of the game, digging whatever and erecting some kind of structure, instead of focusing on the agenda of the meeting. Then Schwartz turned her eyes to Red Dead Redemption 2.

As it turned out, meeting around a virtual fire or sitting on horseback in the middle of the endless prairie are perfect for virtual communication. And to keep the server from shutting down due to the lack of player activity, Schwartz and her team have adapted to brewing liters of game coffee during their conversations.