A new entertainment is gaining popularity in the network - Zoom-escape-quests

During the isolation, some quest room owners began to offer online versions of their quests that entire teams can play remotely. For example, the American company Puzzle Break has developed a virtual version of four of its Grimm's Escape challenges. As you might guess, this is a world inspired by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. As with other escape quests, his goal is to leave the room after finding all the clues he needs, and in this particular case, to remove the witch's curse.

Here's how it works: Players connect with each other and the Puzzle Break staff via Zoom and access puzzles via Google Drive. In fact, this can be done through alternative platforms as well. And although the online quest is not able to completely replace the real one, the company offers something new and unusual in this project.

Players explore different puzzles and puzzles in the shared puzzle folder. As the quest progresses, Puzzle Break employees drop new challenges to this shared folder, similar to how a mystery is being investigated in a real location. And "Grimm's Escape" is just one of many such virtual quest rooms.

Some notable ones are: "Get Your Motor Running" by Paruzal Games, where you have to get back to shore before a bad storm hits, or "Cabin Fever" by Trapped in the Web, where you wake up on a cruise ship and it turns out that you are the only passengers and must return to the ground to survive.