How to mark the historic 50th Earth Day online

On April 22, 2020, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day was held - an annual celebration in the name of sustainable behavior. In 1970, some 20 million Americans came together for the first time and demanded more attention to protect our fragile planet. Since then, eco-activists from all over the world have gathered every year to celebrate this day.

Ironically, Earth Day this year is in the midst of a deadly pandemic. All meetings and public events have been canceled. But that doesn't mean you can't celebrate it even while staying at home! The Earth Day website features over a thousand different programs and events from around the world. Some took place on Wednesday, April 22, some will last a few more days. In any case, most of the resources will remain open to the public. Here's a small sample:

Earth Day 2020 Live

A number of activists, including celebrities and politicians, conduct discussions, speeches, training programs for 24 hours on the official website of the Earth Day movement.

50th Anniversary Earth Day Animation & Poetry

10 short animated films created by professional animators, students and talented children, curated by artist and animator Marilyn Zornado. Available April 22-26.

Morphosis by Max Cooper and Memo Akten

A seven-minute YouTube post described as "a meditative exploration of the seemingly infinite nature of space and natural physical structure."

National Geographic Safari

National Geographic encourages children to create their own safari - create a work of art with the image of a favorite animal, and then parade it in the windows of their homes for other people to admire.

This is just a very small sample. What the proactive people who love their planet have not come up with: these are various creative contests, and a lesson dedicated to the cultivation of roof gardens in Nepal, and a climate seminar for students in Belarus. To find something interesting for yourself, you can click on the event link on the world map or on the event calendar page. The list can be filtered by type, age category and language.