Nikon invites to free online photography courses

Since most of the world's population is now in quarantine, people are suddenly faced with an abundance of free time. Nikon offers nearly a dozen free online courses that can be taken throughout April to help you make the most of it and acquire a new hobby or hone an existing skill.

Video tutorials from 15 minutes to an hour cover a variety of topics for beginners and advanced photographers and videographers. The course line includes tips and tricks for photographing children and pets, using flash, portraits, macro photography, and music video creation. And this is just a small part of the proposed content.

The big plus of Nikon courses is that you don't need a professional camera to take part in them. A regular smartphone with a photography app that lets you manually control camera settings is all you need to learn the basics. And if you feel the urge to get serious about photography, online shopping malls like eBay can find quality used equipment for a reasonable price.