Timur Bekmambetov will shoot the world's first vertical blockbuster

Cinematography tends to be constantly updated and regularly becomes a platform for creative experiments. Recent examples include Hardcore, which is shot entirely in first person. Or the more recent motion picture "1917", which looks like several ultra-long continuous scenes. And now another innovation is on its way - a feature film in vertical format.

Everyone who has watched amateur videos on social networks is familiar with the vertical format - this is how most smartphones record video, if they are not specifically turned over 90 degrees. We will not go into reasoning whether this is good or bad, but as soon as the phenomenon takes place, the famous director and producer Timur Bekmambetov decided to shoot a full-length film in this format. Filming will begin next week.

The name of the film is known - “V2. Escape from Hell ”, and the basis of the plot - a Soviet military pilot makes a daring escape from a Nazi concentration camp at the height of the Second World War. As Bekmambetov himself says, this will be a story about a man who gets up and straightens his shoulders in order to soar into the sky on a rescue plane in spite of everything. And whether the viewer will be able to feel the drama of the story through the vertical presentation of the picture, the future will show.

It should be noted that Bekmambetov already has experience filming an entire mini-series for Snapchat in a vertical format.