London Mayor's Office kicked Uber out of town again

The organization Transport for London, which operates all transport systems in the British capital, reported to the media about the second revocation of the license to operate in the city from Uber. The reason is the same as the first time: problems with transport safety. Uber cannot control its drivers and provide a guarantee for the safety of passengers.

The main reason for the claims against Uber is that the drivers for it do not understand who. This is not a figure of speech - the company has recognized the presence of numerous vulnerabilities in the authorization of hired personnel, which makes it impossible to establish who actually carried people for a specific order. In addition to the fact that drivers change photos, names and other data on other people's Uber accounts, intercept orders, they often have problems with real documents - they drive using someone else's rights, with fake passports, etc.

The Transportation Commission counted 14, 000 Uber rides during which people were transported by unauthorized drivers using someone else's accounts. However, Uber does not intend to give up and plans to challenge the regulator's decision - just like last time.