The US military doesn't know how many sites they have

American publications are citing the statement of Colonel of the US Army Paul Haverstik, director of the Defense Media Activity program. At an official event in April in Fort Meade, Maryland, he publicly resented the lack of an opportunity to know how many sites the Pentagon has today. The reason for this is the Defense Media Activity itself, which operates on web resources like troops of soldiers. And all the time he recruits new ones.

The US military's multimedia outreach program covers a truly extensive list of targets. This includes the official representation of all services on the Internet, and educational and educational missions, and contacts with civilians, and news - and, of course, censorship and observance of military secrets. The official website of the Defense Media Activity indicates that it includes 740 sites.

But Colonel Harvestik himself has a different opinion, he gives an estimate of 2-5 thousand sites. This includes blogs, social media pages, and websites that are not directly operated by the military but work in their interests. Many of them are publicly available and hosted on commercial hosting, which has become the subject of controversy at the Pentagon.

Although the US Department of Defense increases its budget from year to year, it actually cuts funding for certain areas. The Defense Media Activity program was also hit - its leaders were finally required to report on what the current scale of the structure is and how many sites are actually related to the tasks.