This site carefully stores projects that have been killed by Google in 20 years.

Large companies may be sympathetic to the liking of users for certain successful applications and services, but this does not affect corporate decision-making. The business is seeking profit and moving forward by closing outdated or unprofitable projects. Who will remember Google Reader now? What about Project Ara or Google Nexus? But there is one place on the Internet where they still live and delight users.

Developer Cody Ogden called his repository "Killed By Google" or "Killed by Google." It contains more than one and a half hundred applications, utilities, services and other products created under the auspices of the former "corporation of good" over the past 20 years. However, no one calls Google that anymore, and therefore the sacred mission of preserving and distributing the famous, but "killed" software is taken on by enthusiasts.

“We're used to the apps, services and devices we use regularly, ” says Ogden. "We get to know their characteristics, their quirks, and this affects us greatly, even for many years after they are no longer with us." For Ogden personally, the impetus for action was the closure of the "Inbox by Gmail" service - he realized that preserving the memory of his favorite systems would have to be taken into his own hands.

“Like a graveyard, Killed by Google is a place to show respect for what came before. It retains the ability to analyze what is important for the digital future as an important part of the past. " There are many people out there who work with cutting edge applications but are nostalgic for the good old software. This site is not just an outlet for old-school users, but also an opportunity to work again with your favorite applications and services.