Farming Simulator has become an esports discipline

Gone are the days when games like Farm Frenzy were analogous to solitaire or browser toys for bored office workers. Recently, the 19th part of the Farming Simulator project was released, more than a million copies of which were sold in the first 10 days. And now this game about farming life is going to be made a new discipline of eSports.

Starting next summer, the Farming Simulator league will appear, which will host a two-year competition of ten major tournaments. The main organizer is the game developer, GIANTS Software, and the finale is timed to coincide with FarmCon in 2020. The prize fund will be 250, 000 euros.

The first ever Farming Simulator competition was held two years ago, as part of AgriTechnica 2017, at an agricultural machinery exhibition in Hannover, Germany. The organizers conceived it as an entertaining competition and a way to draw the attention of young people to the industry, and when they saw how many people came to play virtual farmers in fact, they realized that this was a gold mine. Then the idea was born to bring the game to the level of professional e-sports.

Farming Simulator developers promise to prepare for the start of the competition several new and much more varied game modes than just collecting bales of hay for a while. Also in Farming Simulator there will be a team game mode and, probably, many other features. Truly popular games have become a source of serious income for a long time and now they do not spare funds for their development. Fortnite developer Epic announced last year that it will raise the aggregate prize pool of its future tournaments to $ 100 million.