The Square Off chessboard will allow you to play with any chess player in the world

The key to promoting any startup is to impress potential buyers. Startup Square Off has taken the traditional game of chess and in all seriousness promises to take it to a whole new level. The fact is that in the new version chess moves itself around the board independently, obeying the commands of a player from the other side of the world.

There is a board with a hidden mechanism for moving figures and a system for controlling their coordinates. There is a smartphone application for processing data from the board and transferring it to the Internet. And there is the international chess club,, with tens of millions of players, including major grandmasters. Oh, yes, there is also AI for beginners who do not want to sit down to play with real people yet.

You think over the game, move the pieces, see the oncoming movement, and you know - somewhere your invisible chess opponent has just made his move. The Kingdom set costs $ 329, The Grand Kingdom - $ 399, this set includes a number of useful features - for example, automatic placement of figures before the game, etc. The development of Square Off will be a great gift for connoisseurs of chess who are tired of playing them on a tiny smartphone screen.